A report on the english language a challenging language to learn

I hope you find it useful! What makes Japanese so difficult? English is use everywhere. I spent a month studying a few hours a day and it just seemed so easy to me. Those who are still unaware of the importance of English should start learning it, as a time will come when everything will be understood, spoken and written in English.

Learning the language can also provide your gateway into the fascinating Japanese culture and ensure your success when communicating with native speakers.

5 biggest challenges of learning English

Learning English is important as it enables you to communicate easily with your fellow global citizens. At this time we could say English language is the official language in the research field, in international relations Date Added: What are the hardest languages to learn… It Depends As you can see, the most difficult language really depends on a lot of things.

I will check if I can come there next summer. If you live near a city district that mainly speaks your target language, or you interact with speakers on a near to everyday basis, you will obviously learn the language far quicker.

Yet, because language difficulty is in large part a subjective notion, there is no objective language ranking that can apply to any speaker of any language.

I do not speak English fluently. Most of the content produced on the internet in English. It is like comparing English to German. Yes, Some Languages are Harder From my own experience, learning Category 1 languages has been by far a lot easier than learning Category 4 ones.

A major medium of education,publishing and international negotiations. Language Difficulty Ranking In my opinion, it would be pretty hard to sustain the argument that there is no such thing as easier and harder languages, although the level of difficulty will depend to a good extent on what your native tongue is, among a bunch of other factors.

Barjo kaur i want learn nglish because it is neccessary for our life Date Added: This makes the language very easy for English speakers to mimic, pronounce and understand when listening. Also, if for an english native speaker it takes 88 weeks of intense study to learn mandarin, is the opposite also true, i.

If you are taking an exam or using English in another formal situation, try to avoid mistakes, if possible, but in informal situations this is not so important.

Waseel Ahmad no doubt other languages have there own importance but English language is the need of hour because it has become international language so we should recognized its importance Date Added: I am not trying to insult any french-speakers, i personally love the language and i am still studying it to this day.

Their schedule called for 25 hours of class per week plus 3 hours of daily independent study, and their classes were generally small, with no more than 6 students.

However, I did not give up my hope for learning it. And, btw, good luck trying to find an online course in colloquial Arabic RL does have Egyptian - widely understood because of their movie industry. The bottom line is, you have to be flexible about your learning strategy and expect that different languages and language families will vary in difficulty and complexity.

If we know English, we will get good chance to find good jobs? Finally, learning Arabic can also give you a fascinating and valuable insight into a commonly misunderstood culture and religion, and help you to become a more informed world citizen. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or for finding work abroad.

How can I join to the course? Most difficult language… But for whom? And, though other languages such as German and Russian are important in the world of Science, it is English that plays the most important role in spreading scientific knowledge.

The Importance of the English Language in Today's World

Though the people know the value of this language their intention is not of learning it.French, one of the 'Top 10 hardest languages to learn' (mint-body.com) Many languages have been claimed to be the toughest one to learn.

Here follow ten candidates for the title of "hardest language to learn," as released by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. This. Report Writing Service; Reflective Practice Service; The Challenges Of Learning A New Language English Language Essay. Print Reference this.

Disclaimer: I can recall a certain part of my life when I had to learn English as my second language. It was the year when I first moved from the Philippines. During that period, I was. Foreigners Learning English Language Abstract EFL instruction is comparatively lacking.

While predicting the future of languages is difficult, the English language is undoubtedly becoming standard throughout the world, particularly with respect to business (Crystal, ).

What are the hardest languages to learn?

of which stem from being forced to learn English by their. Want some advice on fun ways to learn English? Why not check out our blog ‘Is Learning English Your Biggest Challenge Yet? These 7 tips will help you.’ The English Language Centre is a not-for-profit organisation.

This means that all our profits are re-invested in the school, our purpose is to provide the highest possible quality in English language. The UK’s language challenge 6 Identifying the languages the UK needs 10 opportunities to learn languages and experience other cultures, both in school and outside – and receive language are not limited to English.

4 A wide range of languages are needed.

The Most Difficult Languages to Learn

These are the top languages to learn in Mandarin is considered a difficult language for English speakers to learn. No, Pooja is right on both counts. I didn’t include English in the list of languages to learn because this article was written for English speakers.

If you can read it and comprehend it, you don’t need to learn.

A report on the english language a challenging language to learn
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