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Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Zeitlin studies three Euripidean dramas, each of which seems to confront the Oresteia in its own way. The most effective essay in the collection is, in my opinion, not on Greek drama at all, but explores the text of a brief Hellenistic poem.

Books on both Greek and Latin poetry include his collected essays on pastoral poetry and another on the figure of Orpheus.

Section III, "The Ordinary Horrors of the Feminine," engages the paradoxical centrality of women in dramas produced by a culture that was so patriarchal, if not misogynistic. Copyright Gale, Cengage Learning.

I shall return to the oblique manner in which this honor is handled and whether a volume of essays solely on Greek drama was really the best form of commemoration for such a versatile and wide-ranging critic.

The Soul of Tragedy : Essays on Athenian Drama (2006, Hardcover)

Secondly, in its reference to the dwelling of Zeus and the other gods, it signifies the benevolence of the divine, and may be contrasted with the ethically negative implications of the deployment of Olympus as the seat of the gods.

Hence, tragedy became not Greek, but Athenian. University of Chicago Press, Section IV, "Cautionary Tales," is more of a grab bag of topics and concerns, and moves away from strictly interpretive matters of Greek drama.

The book list alone encompasses, among Latin authors, Seneca, Ovid, and Lucretius, and, for Greek, two books on Homer, three on Sophocles, two on Euripides, two on Greek lyric, and a collection of his most seminal essays on Greek tragedy.

In her contribution, "Beyond Sexual Difference: He then proceeds to locate it in the nexus of three related emotions: Essays on Athenian Drama is a collection of essays in honor of Charles Segalwhose contributions to the study of Greek tragedy over several decades give him a fair claim to the title "soul of tragedy.

These reservations aside, The Soul of Tragedy does give the reader many fascinating perspectives on some of the main approaches to the study of Athenian drama today. Over the past two decades, the most important, innovative scholarship was driven by three movements: The Soul of Tragedy: It is also good to have a reminder that Segal wrote on more than Greek drama, something I shall return to shortly.

View freely available titles: The argument seems overly compressed and too theorized; a footnote indicates that the essay anticipates a book on the subject, so I look forward to a thesis that is more fully fleshed out.

To conclude, I return to the origins and nature of this volume, and what it implies about the state of publishing on classical literature in university presses though I write here cognizant of the danger of committing the sin of reviewing the book that was not written.

Reading the Tragic Script," which addresses how a tragic text relates to its enactment. But the modern realities of publishing, I suspect, would not allow such an unfocused project, no matter how worthy its inspiration.

The title of Section I, "The Geometry of Suffering," does not really represent the nature of its four components, with its central two members more concerned with the gods than with pathos per se. These three movements were not mutually exclusive, and a number of scholars have had their feet in two camps.

The Soul of Tragedy: Essays on Athenian Drama.

This piece should serve as a useful reminder to younger scholars in the field about the modern history of their discipline. In "Music, Gender, and Hellenistic Society," Simon Goldhill takes his readers on a brisk tour of a poem by an ancient author, Posidippus, who has been recently rediscovered, and its textual history, which should provide general readers with excellent introductions to the problems of textual editing and the nature of Hellenistic poetry.Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Soul of Tragedy: Essays on Athenian Drama | The Soul of Tragedy brings together top scholars to offer a wide range of perspectives on Greek tragedy.

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The. The Soul of Tragedy: Essays on Athenian DramaChicagoUniversity of Chicago Press Pp. $ casebound; $ paperbound. This book, a Festschrift in honor of the late Charles Segal, is an excellent compilation of essays on Greek tragedy, written by leading scholars who have published extensively in the field.

The Soul of Tragedy brings together top scholars to offer a wide range of perspectives on Greek tragedy. The collection pays homage to this ancient, enduring theatrical and literary genre by offering a deep exploration into the oldest form of dramatic expression.

It is a reminder that, for all their years, these dramas still have much to teach us. Tragedy and enlightenment: Athenian political thought and the dilemmas of modernity / by: Rocco, Christopher, Published: () Greek tragedy.

by: Norwood, Gilbert. The Soul of Tragedy: Essays on Athenian Drama. Edited by Victoria Pedrick and Steven M. Oberhelman. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, vi + pages. The Soul of Tragedy presents a number of stimulating essays on the drama of ancient Athens, but this is, in several senses, an odd volume.

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The Soul of Tragedy

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Athenian drama essay soul tragedy
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