Community wellness

Increase the identification and improve early detection of health issues, including mental health issues. The course focuses on understanding individualized smoking habits, developing and increasing personal motivation to quit, developing an individual treatment plan and learning maintenance skills to help you remain smoke free.

Families with children may sign up for the Family Fit program, which provides an opportunity for the whole family to exercise together while learning about good nutrition.

Our Values We encourage community building and provide opportunities for participants to promote wellness through developing an understanding and appreciation of their peers. Free Health Screenings and Classes Various health screenings and educational classes, such as cervical and prostate cancer screenings, childbirth classes and cancer workshops, are offered throughout the year.

The goal is learning to self-manage diabetes, keeping it under control and reducing risk of long-term complications. Through our cadre of experienced wellness instructors, we offer a wide variety of fun and engaging classes.

Our Goals To promote health and wellness through healthy lifestyle choicesEnhance patient care and patient safety through wellness To enhance patient care and patient safety through wellness To create a safe, healthy work environment for all employees, patients and visitors. Body Mass Index BMI and body fat percentage are tracked throughout the program to measure progress toward reaching a healthier lifestyle.

Coronary calcium scoring is a low-dose CT scan that provides non-invasive screening of the coronary arteries for calcium deposits. Varies Seniors in Motion Class Low-impact exercise class designed for senior citizens to increase muscle strength, flexibility, balance, core strength and stability.

Decrease the health disparities and chronic diseases among residents in the Mantua and Powelton Village communities.

We incorporate strategies that build upon the unique strengths and abilities participants already possess.

Community & Wellness

Here at the Hub the community members, students, faculty, and healthcare professionals can learn ways to work together to address community factors impacting health and create strategies to improve health, health equity and quality of life, among the residents of Mantua and Powelton Village.

Patients who should consider the test include those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high levels of stress or a strong family history of heart disease.


Free For a complete listing, click here. The HUB will also provide clinical treatment services to the uninsured residents. Facilitate ways to better understand environmental, social, and health issues affecting community residents in their homes, and design, pilot and provide long-term sustainable solutions.

Free To request a speaker, click here. Cultural Events Series A wide variety of distinguished artists, authors, musicians, performers, and speakers are welcomed to Salem college each year for diverse programming that is open to the public and enriches both the campus and the surrounding community.

For more information, click here. This program not only includes a focus on fitness, but also nutrition education. Community Wellness Community Wellness For more information about any of the following services, call St.

Zumba Sentao focuses on Zumba in a chair. Foster mutually beneficial partnerships among Drexel faculty, students and community residents. Additional sessions are available upon request.

Grocery store tours and cooking classes are provided to better equip the entire family to reach the goal of a healthy life.Our Wellness Checks are an affordable community multiphasic blood analysis available to all community members.

Excela Health partners with the Rotary, Kiwanis, and volunteer fire departments to present these screenings as a benefit to our community and those we serve.

The Community Wellness & Prevention Program

1. The Community Wellness Program Planning Toolkit could not have been completed without the support of. the UGA Archway Partnership and the assistance of. Community Wellness at MIT Medical works with the entire MIT community to provide the resources and programs that can help you.

The Fort HealthCare Community Health & Wellness Department coordinates community education and health-related events and screenings for the Fort HealthCare service area, collaborating with other hospital and health departments, area clinics, corporations, faith communities, schools, occupational medicine, government and nonprofit agencies, and other community.

The Graycor team has completed dozens of sustainable construction and renovation projects that aim to lower the impact that buildings and industrial facilities have on the environment while improving operating efficiency and benefiting the health and wellness of their users.

Community Wellness Foundation shared Hashem Al-Ghaili's video.

Community Wellness

· June 15 · Cannabis has neuroprotective molecules called cannabinoids that not only protect the brain and nervous system, cannabinoids help the brain to heal by regeneration of new brain cells.

Community wellness
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