Essay about destruction of mother earth

On the surface, this organization appears to be fighting to save the earth, but deep down, they are only worried about their own existence. Forests maintain the balance of nature, the environment, the climate, the weather, and the composition of the atmosphere.

This thaw ice in the North and South poles, water levels I would recommend you to read the following three articles, take notes and then rewrite it in your own words for your essay. The very reason why our rich nature source is being depleted of values is because of multi logging corporations, short-sighted administration and carelessly irresponsible land owners.

The early part of the 19th century also ushered in an acceleration of science and a new understanding of the physical world. Among their many functions, trees and plants play an important role as climate stabilizers by removing heat-trapping greenhouse gases including water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone from the air and holding them in their leaves, roots, wood and soil.

Pollution is on high alert Truly Global Destruction All these environmental changes are warnings of global destruction. Do we take care of our Mother, the Earth? More and more buildings are constructed and the forests become less and less.

Our Earth belongs to all living things, if it belongs to any of them. I hope that humans are soon aware of those problems so that they can have suitable policies in order to not only improve their lives but also keep and maintain the Earth fresh and green.

Hence we are suffering from diseases. Loose government controls and corruption have made it possible for vast tracts of forest to be illegally harvested. Thousands of acres of tropical forests are lost every other second with disastrous and dilapidating consequences for both emerging and industrialized countries.

Speak out and write against polluting industries. We drink from the water that springs forth from deep within her bosoms, and her tears that fall from the sky. So the only wise thing to do is to save wildlife and its habitat. Additionally, unsafe working conditions and child labor have been associated with illegal logging, the profits from which have been used to fund civil wars and organized crime.

Conservation and economic development are often at odds in this poor part of the planet, where deforestation has occurred to serve subsistence purposes, including as intensified demand for fire wood and additional land for agriculture. Human have been living on Earth for thousands of years, and human activity has big influence on the Earth.

Modern industry must use a lot of resources, including minerals and fuels. I say appear because when one examines these groups in detail and with a discriminating eye, one finds that they really only care about themselves. It is clearly that these activities have harmed the Earth very much.

As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that has life. Hence forest destruction will also be a bane for the medical community. Others feel that human activity make the Earth a better place to live.

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Destruction of Nature by Humans – Essay

In other words, God and religion in general were being forsaken for the material world. Nevertheless, those activities also cause side-effects to the Earth because of pollution, deforestation, and exaggerated natural resources exploitation.

Scientists predict the consequences of global warming will be wide-ranging and include an increase in floods, heat waves, droughts, wildfires, species extinction and the spread of disease.

My Earth; My Responsibility

What Can People Do?rainforest destruction Essay; rainforest destruction Essay. Words 5 Pages. Rainforest Destruction It has been known that the rainforest is an essential provider for the balance of the mother earth and that it acts as a key for life as we know it.

Free Essay: To Save the Earth I wonder how much the front yard of my childhood home is worth.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Forests are the lungs of the earth (Band 9)

Of course, it's worth less now than before. Destruction of the forest and exploitation of wild life resulted in the extinction of exotic animals.

Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere brought global warming. Let’s save our ‘Mother. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on The Destruction Of Mother Earth. We’re Destroying the Planet in Ways That Are Even Worse Than Global Warming 4 ways humans are endangering life on Earth Oliver Milman January 16, PM.


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My Earth; My Responsibility. Posted PoonamVOY I promise to fulfill my responsibilities towards Mother Nature as a global citizen so as to protect my living planet from deterioration & to handover clean & green planet to our future generations.

together towards nature conservation then one day our efforts will be a drastic step to.

Essay about destruction of mother earth
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