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In the course of the novel, the author demonstrates how these two people gradually acquire the missing features to become truly equal to each other. This reflects the idea that love is a verb to love being an emotion.

This comedy is picked up in a dialogue that immediately follows between Agathon and Socrates. Eight years have passed since the lovers parted, but none of them has found another match. Joining in civil union is still an event however there are many ways in which true love is Essay on the nature of love through other events.

Indeed, the myth suggests that though the two halves are different in their nature, they, nevertheless, should be equal to match. For this reason "love will make men dare to die for their beloved" because even against Love death is no match Love is ultimately defined by an event in life where both lovers share an emotional connection of their personal sides of life.

Bible Gateway, In this discussion I will describe what the nature of love is based on the idea of love as a verb, as something one does and how the object of that love is affected by nature.

Ehman does not state in his opinion that true love may only be between a man and a women, he merely defines it as sharing the connection of personal sides. Or, in other words: Thus, the decision to get married is more mature the second time it is made after the years of suffering and growth: As stated by Harlow, love responses begin to form extremely early on in the development of an infant between an infant and the mother.

She shows that although two people are meant to belong to each other from the very beginning, they do not match each other perfectly, which results in a break up.

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Love is the inspiration for all good deeds and is the motive and reason for good actions. This idea has been accepted throughout society as normal. So we see how love, represented by Agathon, draws love -- or we might say that love, as represented by Aristodemus, follows love represented by Socrates.

To further explain our thesis that love in man follows love in the abstractlet us look at the example with which we have begun. According to the Bible, love is caring in action.

In fact, people have neglected love and misunderstood it. Further on, he tells a story of how a perfect being that combined the male and the female nature in it was split into two halves by gods. In the same way, Anne is close to accepting attention from Mr. He does not obliterate our thesis, but rather reinforces it by broadening our vision of love and man: Romantic lovers tend to want to touch each other and engage in intimate activities such as sex to show how they do love.

It has a cause and an effect and it acts as a kind of intermediary between man and God. Limit your answer to the notion of romantic love and use Robert Ehman as a starting point. Elster, Not all emotions are necessary, good or bad. Thus, Austen describes the first stage of Androgen myth, when a perfect human being is split into two parts.

Even though we say that love follows love, it is a rough and serious way of speaking that falls more in line with the first three serious speakers.

The idea is that equality between partners is not formal, but it is rather based on common values and visions of life. For these reasons, it is appropriate that the theme of the Symposium is love, for if there is one subject that captures the ethereal, the whimsical, the effervescent, and the practical all at once it is eros.

However, not all agree on what love is. Love, Agathon claims "is young and also tender" Some think, just like Diotima, that Love is only something surreal, spiritual and non-substantial.

This reinforces the belief of love as an event because something has happened and due to the emotion of lust leading to love it is out of ones control. Socrates states that it cannot be summed up as simply as Agathon suggests -- but Socrates does not lead us to alter our thesis in any way.

Love is like one big circle, with all things being connected and all things flowing into one another. It suggests that it is something one does without any control.

It says nothing of the humorous side of nature that is partly composed of bile. Everybody seems to believe that love is a good thing.Custom The Nature of Love Essay The nature of love has always been a subject of philosophy and literature from ancient times.

There are numerous points of view on love presented in literature, and each of them can be grounded by. - The Nature of Love Explored in Plato’s Symposium In classical Greek literature the subject of love is commonly a prominent theme. However, throughout these varied texts the subject of Love becomes a multi-faceted being.

Love, Agathon claims "is young and also tender" (). It is, in other words, the embodiment of everything that is good in the world.

Love is the inspiration for all good deeds and is the motive and reason for good actions. Love produces love. Socrates expands upon Agathon's discourse by questionsing Agathon on the nature of Love. The Truth and Nature of Love in 'Shakespeare in Love' Essay John Madden’s Shakespeare in Love is a ‘romantic comedy’ set in the class-dominated society of Elizabethan England.

The two protagonists and “Star-crossed lovers” of the film come from completely different ends of the class spectrum. Love is not what we feel, but what we do; however the object of love is not defined.

(Bible Gateway, ) In this discussion I will describe what the nature of love is based on the idea of love as a verb, as something one does and. Below is an essay on "The Nature Of Love" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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