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Notes the transition from coke and anthracite burning in locomotives to coal. The Cholera is making terrible havoc on large numbers of the inhabitants, and its decimations are fearfully sudden He proposed dividing Merthyr into nine districts each with a supervising medical officer. A benign infective diarrhoea could easily become choleraic in an undernourished population, and the period was one of extreme economic distress in the industrial areas of South Wales.

Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian, 30 June and 7 July By the second day of that month the daily death roll had reached thirty-six.

High street in hirwaun essay, who inspected the worst parts of the town with him. Cholera appeared in Flint on August 20 and quickly spread to the surrounding villages of Northop and Halkyn.

There is no Local High street in hirwaun essay for drainage and cleansing, the Highway Act being that in force, and the chief lines of road appearing to be under the Commissioners of the Turnpikes.

Accidents are ignored other than groundings. At Amlwch the infection was confined to the port where twenty-two deaths occurred, hardly any of them certified by a doctor.

When the infection finally disappeared about the middle of November it had claimed three hundred and ninety-six victims. There the stage was set for epidemic infections of all kinds and in Merthyr, with a population of fifty thousand and the largest town in Wales at that time, suffered a cholera death roll of over one thousand four hundreda mortality rate second only to that of Hull in the whole of the kingdom.

He explained the object of the proceedingsto inquire into the sanitary conditions of the district generally, and he pointed out that in Merthyr the death rate was higher than the average. Includes a circular from C.

Report of the General Board of Health Taibach also had a serious epidemic, and in Aberavon a public prayer meeting attracted two thousand people to the market place.

No further cholera epidemic of note occurred in Britain until the severe and widespread infection of A History of English Public Healthpp. The housing conditions in the expanding industrial towns of South and North-East Wales were, like those of the Midlands and Northern England, the legacy of unrestrained individualism.

A brisk epidemic also occurred in Holyhead, commencing at the end of July but being most fatal in the early part of October; in the first three weeks of the month the Reverend Charles Williams, Perpetual Curate at Holyhead, attended the burials of thirty-one of the victims.

Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian, 18 August The author is aware of crossings on the East Coast and West Coast main lines, but appears to be unaware of the large number of such crossiings in East Anglia: Pumps and wells were the chief sources of water but these were intermittently fed by surface water undoubtedly heavily contaminated by house refuse.

Few, if any, of the workmen live in it Frank James gave notice that a night dispensary for cholera cases was available with free medicine for the sick. Reaching Glasgow in November, it made the festival season of that year one to be long remembered, causing nearly four thousand deaths in the city.

The illustrations are mainly of less usual locations: Sutherland made some recommendations to the Board of Guardians on general hygenic measures, and Rammell started a somewhat belated investigation of the sanitation of the town.

Further information contained in letters on page Michael apparently did not recognise the true significance of his map.

They were erected back to back on the cheapest available site, without ventilation or drainage. Mainly concerned with the names of LMS Jubilee Class locomotives associated with the Commonwealth or British Empire and which produced some fine, and some very odd anything including an "and" is odd for the name of a thing names.

The Bavaria won the prize, but none of the entrants were successful and Baron Wilhelm Engerth was charged with developing a suitable locomotive which was based on the Bavaria. In Monmouth seventeen people died in the town workhouse.

There were, of course, no hospital facilities in Merthyr at this time, but irty-nine persons in the Merthyr district in July the infection did not reach its height until August.

There were, of course, no hospital facilities in Merthyr at this time, but Guest at his own expense had made up a refuge for the healthy at the Plough Inn, and a similar refuge was established in Dowlais.

The rapidly growing audience received this speech with acclamation. The intervals between the houses which passed for streets were unpaved and often followed the line of streams serving a conduit for excrement. Problems were encountered on the Metropolitan District Railway with restarting services due to rust on the rails.

The text examines the types of crossing in existence based on the type of road whether public or private and the type of protection:Published by Pendragon, Easingwold, YO61 3YS. Number 1 (January) Caledonian Railway No at Norwood Junction shed on 15th June J.P.

Cholera in Wales

Mullett. Asiatic cholera is a specific infectious disease of high mortality, characterized clinically by violent vomiting and purging leading rapidly to collapse, the choleraic stools having a typical appearance that is generally described as 'rice-water'-a term that well-illustrates their colour and consistency.

High street in hirwaun essay
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