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These classification help hotels to compete according to where they belong. We have four working and effective generators. The bar and restaurant will create an important extra stream of income and also attract more customers to the hotel business.

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Hotel business in Nigeria is lucrative – Adenigba

Conclusion Until otherwise determined by a competent Court or by Constitutional amendment, it is our opinion that based on the existing Constitution as amendedthe Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation Act is null and void when it comes to the regulation of Hotels and other Tourism Establishments in Lagos State.

Exhibit 19 That is N2, So that is N80, for signage per year. Some of the staff you will need are bar attendants, waiters, cleaners, laundry men, receptionists, accountants, etc. In order to retain the staff, you have to pay them well. Let me hotel business plan in nigeria coat throw some light on this as it is key in determining what kind of hotel you want to invest in.

Does it make sense to still live in this area with the inevitable amount of noise and loss of privacy? We provide a specialized service to our customers. You will need at least a receptionist, security guard, laundry men, bar attendants and porters.

A lot more goes into starting a hotel and running it successfully. This types of hotels are ideal for expatriates and other companies employees on spacial duties. Exhibit 21 The other two are collected by the FCT. Starting Up a Hotel Business in Nigeria At this point it is expedient to discuss the different steps involved in starting up a hotel.

You can decide to write the business plan yourself or involve the help of a professional, it will involve making a lot of predictions, market surveys and projections, etc. So there you have it. That would be roughly N, Monthly revenue from 10 rooms apartment, excluding revenues from foods and drinks.

There are two major routes of entering the hotel business. A decision to start up under any of these brands is certain to bring great success, a major reason for this is that the names are already trusted brands by customers so they will be interested in patronizing the business without even doing any adverts.

A commercial establishment that provides lodging meals and other guest services can be called a hotel. Popular states as well as state capitals in Nigeria such as Enugu, Lagos, Onitsha, Ibadan, and Akwa Ibom etc have many hotels which are fetching the owners cool incomes because the hotels are located in the heart of the towns.

A sure fire way to get your own slice of this juicy pie is to venture into the hotel business. No hotel does the personalized services better than we do. Regardless of the form you are planning for the hotel to take or the level at which you want to start, it is imperative that you take time to study the business in depth.

Asides growing profit for the business it will determine the kind of people that visit your hotel. There are fines, interest charges and other penalties for non-collection and non-remittance of all Lagos State Consumption Tax in Lagos State.

This varies with location and size. If there is no money in hotel business in Nigeria, will there be hotels everywhere in the country as it is today?

So most Hotels pay their staff twice. Having in mind that we are in an internet age, you can also go ahead to create a website in order to give your hotel an online identity.

It would however be foolhardy for any operator of a Hotel or other Tourism Establishment operating in Lagos State to ignore registration with either NTDC or with the Lagos State Hotel Licensing Authority in the light of the cost-benefit of double compliance far outweighing non-compliance pending amendment to the existing laws.

Choose your name very carefully! Always have it in mind that the location will have a huge impact on the volume and type of customers that will patronise your business.

Guest Post: The Cost of Doing Business In Nigeria — Hotels Edition

Another great advantage of this is that the business owner is able to glean from the experiences of the mother company and can use these to properly set up his business before standing on his own.

You also get charged for having a parking lot too. In order to do this well, we have to train our staff well enough. You only need to pay for a room and get constant electricity, the ambience and so on. You know the ways Africans express friendliness. If you cannot write a Frozen Food business plan for yourself, you can buy our Hotel business plan in Nigeria.

For example, if you intend to set up a low or medium class hotel, it should be located in busy places such as areas surrounding travel terminals.Guest Post: The Cost of Doing Business In Nigeria — Hotels Edition. Hotels get a bad reputation in Nigeria. It is easy to understand why. DESIGN GROUP NIGERIA LTD.

Since Architects, Project Managers & Urban Designers. About. Team. Projects. Residential Flats at Macpherson, Ikoyi. Residential Flats at Macpherson, Ikoyi Proposed Radisson Hotel-Victoria Island. Proposed Radisson Hotel-Victoria Island. What are the most popular business hotels in Abuja right now?

1. Dumeros; 2. So how do I decide which business hotel in Abuja to book? Typically, the most important factors when booking a hotel for business is price and/or proximity to your meeting, client, or event.

All special hotel deals in Abuja, Nigeria; Last minute hotel deals in. #28 Best Value of Cheap Hotels in Nigeria “ It was self-financed so I was looking for a budget option, and at Naira, my room at the Excalibur pretty much fitted the bill.

“ I missed my flight and had to stay overnight in this hotel. Hotel business in Nigeria is lucrative – Adenigba. On investment in hospitality in Nigeria Investing in hotel business in Nigeria is a wise investment.

Hotel Business in Nigeria. Write a hotel business plan. Why You Should Advertise Your Business on Nigerian Infopedia, Click For More Information. Updated: The Author. Abdulwali Yahaya Abdulwali Yahaya is a professional blogger and a .

Hotel business plan in nigeria coat
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