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The Mystery Of Inspector Goole

He also offers supernatural themes to this otherwise normal play. In this way Sheila could move on and amend her past mistake by focusing on not abusing her social class in the future, in this way she develops a very strong relationship with the Inspector.

This conveys to the audience that the inspector knows what his responsibility is at that point in time and whatever is a distraction is not important to him whatsoever.

However, Priestley does portray some aspects of the Birling family in a good light with the younger generation. Linking in with Inspector goole essay, Birling has a completely contrasting identity in this play in comparison with the Inspector and seems to lack social awareness, which is conveyed through the use of dramatic irony.

Priestley could be implying here that the younger audience viewing the play were supposed to act in the same way as Sheila and really take in to account social responsibility to create a better future.

This shows that Priestley believed the Inspector to be the most responsible and morally enlightened character and as a result used him as a mouthpiece of his own views, because he realised that it was through the multi contribution of social abuse and the idea of social hierarchy was what lead to Eva committing suicide.

Priestley does this through his effective use of language and also stage directions in the play to convey a clear image to the audience on how the character is feeling and reacting to the various testing situations in the play.

In conclusion, Priestley conveys ideas about responsibility positively in the form of Sheila and the Inspector but also negatively in the form of Mr Birling, who refuses to accept any responsibility for what he has done.

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Birling may be a mouthpiece of some ignorant people who are at the top of society who refuse to take responsibility for the possible harm they may be causing to those lower down in the social class system such as Eva.

This shows a lack of responsibility because it is evident that Birling does not know the extremes of life in terms of poverty and suffering and as a result he believes that nothing bad can come of the Titanic sailing just because it is built with a lot of money.

He paints the image of a bright future in the absence of the abusing of social class with the reformation of Sheila throughout the play.

The inspector is seemingly the most responsible in his ideas, as we can see by the connotations of his speech as well as his judgement of the Birling family. Priestley sets the scene within the Birling household of a rich family who are very self- satisfied and somewhat ignorant sitting at the table discussing future prospects with the family.- The Role of Inspector Goole in An Inspector Calls In this essay I will be discussing the role of Inspector Goole in the play ‘An Inspector Calls’.

I will be commenting on the effect Inspector Goole has on the other characters around him. Inspector Goole essaysWhat about Inspector Goole's role in the play.

How far is he a believable policeman? How does Priestly use the Inspector in the play? Inspector Goole is a police – inspector, in the play "An Inspector Calls" by J.B. Priestley. He's a man of solid.

An Inspector Calls:Inspector Goole's role in the play

Priestley shows this in the section after the inspector has left “I remember what he said, how he looked, how he made me feel. Fire and blood and anguish. The inspector leaves under very strange circumstances and you think now more of it because the Birlings have not committed any known offences and therefore cannot be charged with anything.

Let us write you a custom. Jun 12,  · Inspector calls essay watch. Announcements. Five things you should do when you go to uni. Priestley conveys his own personal ideas about the social class system within the play through Inspector Goole, who could be seen as a mouthpiece for Priestley’s opinion in the play.

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Extracts from this document Introduction. Write about Inspector Goole's role in the play. How far is he a believable policeman? How does Priestley use the Inspector in the play?

The Inspector.

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