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Infant mortality and socio-economic status: Gallbladder disease and gallbladder cancer among American Indians in tricultural New Mexico. This data is applied to a mixed-integer linear programming model that optimizes the design and operation of installed technologies based on a range of financial and environmental criteria.

Strategy is not just a simple definition. Cancer incidence in the Mexican-American. The Markides article summary show that the same turbine could be used in different systems with power outputs varying between 17 and kW, suggesting the potential of matching the same turbine to multiple heat sources by tailoring the working fluid selected.

Am J Community Psychol. Vital and heath statistics for the US hispanic population. Prevalence of psychological distress among Mexican Americans. Does obesity explain excess prevalence of diabetes among Mexican Americans? A closer examination of neonatal mortality rates among the Texas Spanish surname population.

A firm must be able to identify these changes early enough, must be ready to respond to these changes and must have the skills needed to compete in this new environment. The results clearly illustrate the different outcomes and trade-offs that can emerge when stakeholders champion different technologies instead of making an exhaustive assessment.

Relationship to percent of gene pool derived from native American sources. Diabetes in American Indians and other native populations of the New World. Ethnic differences in psychopathology-II. Diabetes among the three affiliated tribes: Secular trends in ischemic heart disease and stroke mortality from to in Spanish-surnamed and other white individuals in Bexar County, Texas.

Mexican Americans and mental health: The resulting CAMD-ORC framework presents a novel and powerful approach with extended capabilities that allows the thermodynamic optimisation of the ORC system and working fluid to be performed in a single step, thus removing subjective and pre-emptive screening criteria that exist in conventional approaches, while also extending to include cost considerations relating to the resulting optimal systems.

This further implies that the same turbine design could be deployed in different applications, thus leading to economy-of-scale improvements. A case study of a food distribution centre in the UK is presented to illustrate the economic and environmental benefits the proposed integrated energy systems model could bring against a business as usual BaU approach.

Selected References These references are in PubMed. Overall, the model provides meaningful insights that can allow stakeholders to make well informed investment decisions when it comes to the optimal configuration and operation of energy technologies in commercial buildings.

Prevalence of depressive symptoms among Mexican Americans. Am J Public Health. Methodological issues in health care surveys of the Spanish heritage population. Cancer in North American Indians: Mortality due to all causes and to cardiovascular diseases among seven race-ethnic populations in Los Angeles County, A comparison review of key epidemiological studies in cervical cancer related to current searches for transmissible agents.

In each case, the optimal combination of ORC system design and working fluid is identified, and the corresponding capital costs are evaluated. The prevalence of depressive symptoms among Mexican Americans and Anglos.

Markides Article Summary

J Health Soc Behav. This confirms that the method developed can predict stator performance following a change in the working fluid.

Non-domestic buildings are large energy consumers and present many opportunities with which to enhance the way they produce and consume electricity, heating and cooling. Community Ment Health J.Abstract.

Recent reports in the literature on the health status of southwestern Hispanics, most of whom are Mexican Americans, are reviewed critically. British Attitudes to Constitution-Making in Post Cyprus Diana Markides and G.

S. Georghallides Abstract The s found Cyprus facing.

The health of Hispanics in the southwestern United States: an epidemiologic paradox.

Chatzopoulou MA, Markides CN,Thermodynamic optimisation of a high-electrical efficiency integrated internal combustion engine – Organic Rankine cycle combined heat and power system, Applied Energy, Vol:Pages:ISSN: Summary. In this study, several new stationary phases were characterized by principal component analysis.

Fourteen new stationary phases, including substituted phenyl and oligoethyleneoxide functionalities on polysiloxane polymers, were tested and compared to three well known stationary phases.

The Magus of Strovolos: The Extraordinary World of a Spiritual Healer is a book that was written by Kyriacos C. Markides. It is the first book of a trilogy about Stylianos Atteshlis, a 20th-century Christian mystic and healer who lived in the town of Strovolos, First published: Previous article in issue: Origins and Blasphemies.

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Markides article summary
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