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Another reason for implementation failure was due to Albanese failure to involve and work together with the executive in implementing the changes. Management was surprised to learn that profits varied widely.

She believed that the procedures were needed now. Regional executives seemed to be following usual procedures for that time of year. This involves dividing the change process into phases and defining goals, milestones and deadlines for each phase. Early inSunflower began using a financial reporting system that compared sales, costs, and profits across regions.

One thing that she needs to do differently is to prepare the organization for the change process McLean Such an organizational set-up is already erroneous. Therefore, Albanese should invite all the regions to contribute towards the development of standards for guiding purchasing and pricing decisions.

Consequently, some regions struggled to remain competitive while others made huge profit as result of offering substandard goods. Salty snack foods include corn chips, potato chips, cheese curls, tortilla chips, and peanuts.

Snack foods in the Southwest are often seasoned to reflect Mexican tastes. She instead wanted to implement all the changes at once and did not give clear instructions on how the changes were going to be implemented.

Though Albanese had identified a good strategy for addressing the problem, the strategy had failed to deliver the desired outcome. Pricing decisions are marketing concerns.

Albanese discussed the proposed policy with Mobley. Managing Change Change is inevitable especially when an organization has to make improvements on the prevailing situation.

Sunflowers Incorporated case study

OD principles emphasize on the need for collaboration, inclusive participation and team work when planning for change within the organization McLean Albanese was successful in diagnosing the problem. Mobley also suggested waiting to implement the procedures until after the annual company meeting in 3 months.

As these problems accumulated, Mr. National distributors were pushing hard to increase their market share. Albanese did not do this. She was also encouraged to gather information from each region. Change Implementation Albanese sent emails to the regional executive giving direction on the implementation of the new policy that concern pricing and decision.

Her new title was director of pricing and purchasing; and she reported to the vice president offinance, Mr. She instead worked with each executive separately and did give the room for them to make input during the development phase of the proposal.

Albanese refused, saying that the trips would be expensive and time-consuming. Albanese did not meet with the regional executive to discuss the importance of the proposed changes, the viability of the changes and how the changes will be implemented given the unique business environment in each region.

This is because Albanese propose entailed major changes within the organization which Albanese did not manage effectively.

Involvement of the region in developing the plan will also create a sense of ownership of the change process among the regions thereby minimizing resistance. This practice could hurt Sunflower?

This is because the proposal involved major changes to the organization purchasing and pricing processes and Albanese did not use the right strategies for managing the change process. Way Forward Albanese should change her strategies for implementing the change process.Sunflower Incorporated case study Overview: Sunflower Inc.

is a large distribution company with over employees that functions as a bureaucracy, which. Sunflower Incorporated: Analysis of Case Introduction Sunflower Incorporated is experiencing some competitive and quality problems.

Sunflower Incorporated: Changes and implementations

An evaluations of the company branches indicated that some companies are making huge profits by offering substandard products while other are struggling to keep up with competition. Albanese, who was hired to solve this situation, proposed implementation of.

Sunflowers Incorporated case study; Sunflowers Incorporated case study. 8 August Management?Sunflower Incorporated An Organization Development Case Study Presented By: Sunflower Inc is a Large Distribution Company Throughout US & Canada Which are Divided into 22 Regions.

Autonomous Management Because of Local Tastes & Practices. Case Study: Sunflower Incorporated Spalding University Case Study: Sunflower Incorporated In preparation for Workshop 2 of the course MSBC – Change Acceleration in Organizational Culture, we were asked Sunflower Incorporated Case Study STRA Essay.

How Well Did Albanese Manage The Pricing And Purchasing Changes At Sunflower Were Implemented Successfully Would You Find This Out What Might Have Differently. Case Analysis of Sunflower Incorporated Sunflower Incorporated is a large distribution company that purchases and distributes salty snack foods and liquors throughout the United States and Canada.

The company employs over 5, employees and has gross sales of over $ million.

Sunflower incorporated case study stra
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