The old spice case marketing

And the Response Campaign grew the brand even further. The ad featured former NFL athlete Isaiah Mustafa and was a a video centric marketing campaign that combined both traditional and social media.

Case Study: Old Spice Response Campaign

Produced by a small team of four writers, a camera crew, and one shirtless actor, each video response maintained the humor level. The Response Campaign generated nearly 5. What did this mean for the Old Spice brand as a company?

Be Consistent The second, and possibly the most important step that Old Spice took was maintaining brand consistency across every channel onto which they expanded. We caught up with a couple of writers behind the Old Spice campaigns and delineated their keys to success.

Build connection by getting personalized Interact with the audience to keep them engaged and build a relationship. Of course, since the dawn of marketing there have been mascots and spokespeople, but never a brand personality so bold that clients and fans were eager to engage with it. In 48 hours, Old Spice earned nearly 11 million video views, and gained about 29, new Facebook fans and 58, new Twitter followers.

Slowly, the proliferation of the Old Spice brand on social media began to pick up steam, and, as if by divine intervention, Old Spice did not seem to slip up in any of their steps along the way, creating a set of guidelines that any marketer should adopt when attempting to create a social media personality for a brand.

The marketing team of Old Spice responded to tweets with Youtube videos and the audience was amazed with the real time responses. And if you have a video that wants to be seen, the best possible platform, according to comScoreis YouTube.

Lessons learned from their marketing campaign: Brand consistency is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to developing brand loyalty. Market everywhere at once.

11 Social Media Marketing Lessons from the Old Spice Campaign

During this same period their Facebook fans rose percent—fromtowhile Twitter followers increased by 2, Countless brands have attempted to do what Old Spice has done in the last couple of years, but few have been successful.

Old Spice is cemented as the number one brand of body wash for men. People everywhere are quoting Mr.Somewhat ironic, the first old spice product was “Early American Old Spice” and it was made for women ().

Old Spice creates a series of products, mainly bath and beauty products: deodorant; body wash; body spray; fragrance; shower gel; hair products. In today’s social media case study, we aim to explain how Old Spice used social media to quickly (and quite successfully) create a virtual personality that led to.

Case Study on Successful Viral Marketing Of OldSpice

Client: Old Spice Award: Yellow Pencil/ Writing for Advertising / Writing for Film Advertising, In FebruaryWieden+Kennedy launched a new Old Spice. Old Spice: Wild Collection Case Study 1. Old Spice and the Wild Collection Mark, Cindy, Joey, Rob 2.

Why Old Spice Marketing is Successful • Creative and Unconventional • Simple, easy and straight forward ads • Keeping their content relevant Use of social media to activate mass media • Mainstream media outlets used to tap into. About Old Spice. OLD SPICE – is a leading American brand of grooming products for males.

Procter & Gamble acquired the brand in from Shulton, Inc., which was the original producer of Old Spice. Why Old Spice Continues to Dominate Viral Marketing.

Old Spice has been on the tip of marketing guru’s tongues for several years. but that’s not the case. Their initial viral videos.

The old spice case marketing
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