Wgu eft task 7

Staffing Effectiveness The staffing effectiveness component of PPR evaluates the institution number of staff, staff competency and skills.

The survey reveals that the overall nursing effectiveness is on the decline within the hospital. The same can be said of the task graders who seem to never have read the task instructions or feel free to ignore them.

Wgu eft task 7 priority focus process is a methodology that makes use of data to establish priority areas for reviewing compliance. Characteristics and Circumstances of Falls in a Hospital Setting. A periodic performance review which is a selfevaluation is utilized by nightingale community hospital to prepare for the joint commission.

This metric discloses the relationship between the staffing level of the organization and the number of patients that the organization serves.

Patient falls are significant threats to the safety of patient. User friendly that utilizes an uncomplicated flow of information 2. Display professionalism in the typesetting that is required 3. Trend within the hospital indicates the Nightingale has made significant progress towards fulfilling the standards of the Joint Review Commission.

This undermines the quality of care that the hospital delivers to the patient. The impression given is that the course of study was designed by a person who had never read the task instructions or the reverse is true.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. The Course of Study - In theory, the course of study is a list of reading and activities that the student should do before each of the tasks 2.

One of these indicators is the rising cases of patient falls. The number of falls in 4 east was Nursing care hours is calculated the number of productive hours that the organization nurses spend with the patient. The endoscopy, surgical and CCU units have recorded significant standards in terms of adhering to this communication standard.

However, 4 East Department recorded an increase in the number of cases of patient falls and pressure ulcers. Journal of General Internal Medicine. Current compliance status the joint commission is focused on ensuring facilities practice continuous improvement through various areas. The Corrective Action Plan will result after the discovery of a problem.

The staffing problem is bound to get worse due an increase in the number of people in need of healthcare services. This is an indication of improving the level of staff effectiveness.

Status preparing for the joint commission nightingale community hospital reviews areas of compliance and noncompliance. Prevalence of life style diseases such as diabetes is also a factor that is contributing the rising demand for healthcare services.


These instructional are mainly in the form of prescriptions. Nightingale has made significant improvements in various areas. The survey utilized the priority focus methodology to evaluate the compliance of Nightingale Community Hospital.

Apart from increasing the number of staff, this plan also seeks to increase benefits for employee Kane and Mueller, The number of inpatient falls increased from 2. One of these areas is patient identification.

Nurse Staffing and Quality of Patient Care. The review has focus of several priority areas. However, Nightingale hospital does not have a multidisciplinary plan for patient assessments. Throughout this process, the patient is assessed by the nurse from head to toe in order to determine a baseline assessment.

Optimizing Communication of Critical Test Results. The facility also scores poorly in terms of planning for high risk procedure. Providing education to the patient in order to enhance the patient ability to take care of own health is a vital standard that define quality care. Nightingale has made significant progress in terms of minimizing healthcare associated infections.

The staffing level should reflect the number of patients in the hospital, as well as, the needs of the patients. In order to overcome these challenges, Nightingale needs a flexible staffing plan.The same can be said of the task graders who seem to never have read the task instructions or feel free to ignore them.

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Task 2 Western Governor’s University AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 2 Nightingale Community Hospital is a healthcare facility that prides itself on being a hospital of choice within its community by being a leader in providing high quality healthcare.

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Wgu eft task 7
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