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Whose Life Is It Anyway Essay - Part 2

I think that makes him capable of taking this decision. After winning his plea to end his life, Ken is about to be put into a deep sleep that will kill him within a week.

The last line of Act 1 prepares the audience for the change off attitude in Act 2. Whose life essay Act 1 Ken appeared to find it hard to Whose life essay about something serious without throwing in a joke to break the ice.

Whose Life Is It Anyway? The audience will feel very sorry for Ken at this point because he still has hope for a recovery, which just makes the audience dread the moment when he realises he is going to be paralysed forever.

The fact that he is such a smart bloke means that he understands his situation; he is able to question it and a very articulate guy. Act 2 is in contrast with Act 1, with the start being filled with black humour and sexual innuendo it makes Act 2 seem even more powerful. You have to analyse the circumstances thoroughly, before you can make the decision.

You should have said are you a teacher? It is a fragile decision and it takes a long time to analyse the circumstances. The audience sees that Ken wants people around him to view him just as much a real person as anyone else. It makes the audience question how its fair that there is a man, just as good as anybody else wanting to die because he has nothing to live for and no one cares enough to think about him outside the hospital.

If I was to look at the verdict, from a bigger perspective, I think there are more problems connected to this case. All he has left is his mind, a very well functioning mind actually.

Critics claim that there are too many grey areas to cover and that euthanasia can not be regulated safely. During the whole play Ken never really opens up and says what he is feeling; the ending is no different.

Whenever Ken says a joke that lowers his self esteem, the audience feels even sorrier for him, which builds up and when he dies it is very saddening because all that feelings for Ken are released when he dies.

More Essay Examples on Comedy Rubric Ken will be living a life of chastity from now on and so he creates a lot of sexual banter between himself and the nurses.

Kens situation is that, he is sentenced to be in a hospitals bed for the rest of his life. This creates another contrast, the audience is seeing someone who no longer has anything to live for, but people he spends every day with are living on their lives, they have a future and he does not.

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Ken was not clinically depressed, he was depressed as a consequence of the car accident. He does accept the kiss because she is still just a doctor and him a patient, with the scene being so calm the audience feels even sadder because Ken is going to die on his own, and he Whose life essay be forgotten by the doctors and nurses as there lives will go on.

Euthanasia is an extremely difficult discussion. The audience will be unsure if Ken is just being sarcastic and making another joke or he actually believes he will end up back the way he used to be. It surely must be that she also thinks that his death is the right decision, but she is obliged as a doctor to say otherwise.

Although the script focuses mainly on Ken and how his life no longer exists, all around him the audience views life amongst the doctors and nurses. However in Act 2 as it comes closer to the end he is able to answer seriously and shows the audience he has accepted that he will not get better.

Normally, the patient would have to review this with all relatives. It surprises me how relaxed a woman can become when she is not in the presence of a man.

In order to succeed an operation like this, you have to consider each case thoroughly. Looking at his previous life and how he is now, I understand his desire for taking his own life. This is an endless debate, because it is a matter of opinion.

The last few lines are very calm and bleak; there is no crying or long goodbyes, just a simple convosation.Free whose life is it anyway papers, essays, and research papers. Read this English Essay and over 88, other research documents.

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The book has been written by Brian Clarke not only to entertain readers, but to also make a statement about euthanasia - Whose Life Is It Anyway Essay introduction.

Euthanasia is defined as an ‘easy death’, however after reading the play ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway’, readers start to get an idea of what a.

Free Essay: Does Clarkpresent arguments for and against assisted suicide without prejudicing the audience in Whose Life Is It Anyway? The central character. Free Essay: Whose Life Is It Anyway? by Brian Clark Whose life is it anyway? is about Ken Harrison, a paralysed patient in hospital, and his battle to end.

Whose life essay
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