Write a note on depository services in india

Stocks of public limited companies are bought and sold at a stock exchange. However, if the same is done on the last day of the settlement, it will be settled on the fourth working day excluding the day of transaction. BSE was forced to follow suit. At present, this gap is five working days after the trading day.

Market Basics Electronic trading Electronic trading eliminates the need for physical trading floors.

Short Notes on Depository Services in the Indian Stock Market

The buyer of these shares has to demat such shares before further selling. Vishal Bharadwaj pulls off a rousing parable A depository is an organisation which holds securities like shares, debentures, bonds, government securities, mutual fund units etc.

The last ones are the ones who follow the market morning to evening; Market can be very addictive like blogging though stakes are higher in the former. In other words, a depository can therefore be conceived of as a "Bank" for securities. Short selling Short selling is a legitimate trading strategy.

A contract note issued in the prescribed format establishes a legally enforceable relationship between the client and the member in respect of trades stated in the contract note. The investors can dematerialize only those share certificates that are already registered in their name and belong to the list of write a note on depository services in india admitted for dematerialization at the depositories.

Depository system and Dematerilization | Functions | Procedure | Benefits

This system of using the existing distribution channel mainly constituting DPs helps the depository to reach a wide cross section of investors spread across a large geographical area at a minimum cost.

The Depository on receipt of this request, will debit the free balance of the seller and credit the available balance of the buyer. Clearing and Settlement Corporation: Depository acts as collateral security for the raising of 1oans from any financial institution.

The other benefit of the modified system is that it keeps cash and forward markets separate. But when a shareholder applies for a company security in the primary market, he will mention his ID Account number in the application form.

Pay outs are quicker than in weekly settlements, and investors will benefit from increased liquidity. Brokers can trade from their offices, using fully automated screen-based processes.

Introduction of electronic system enables speedy transactions and accuracy. Execute an order Select a broker of your choice and enter into a broker-client agreement and fill in the client registration form.

The depository concept is similar to the Banking system with the exception that banks handle funds whereas a depository handles securities of the investors. The BSE Sensex is the older and more widely followed index.

The available balance of the buyer will be converted into free balance once payment for the transaction is effected. When does one deliver the shares and pay the money to broker As a seller, in order to ensure smooth settlement you should deliver the shares to your broker immediately after getting the contract note for sale but in any case before the pay-in day.

P the details of shares registered in the name of the shareholder concerned. During these inspections, a review of the market operations, organizational structure and administrative control of the exchange is made to ascertain whether: NSE has around shares listed with a total market capitalization of around Rs 9, 21, crore.

Short sellers take the risk that they will be able to buy the stock at a more favorable price than the price at which they "sold short. In case the signature in the requisition form does not tally with the specimen signature held by the company, then the request for dematerialization will be rejected as it amounts to bad delivery.

Realizing the potential, all the custodians in India and a number of banks, financial institutions and major brokers have already joined as DPs to provide services in a number of cities.

6) Write a note on recent growth trends and the importance of services sector to Indian economy.

Place your order with your broker preferably in writing. News on the stock market appears in different media every day. Obviously, stocks and stock markets are important.

In a Rolling Settlement, all trades outstanding at end of the day have to be settled, which means that the buyer has to make payments for securities purchased and seller has to deliver the securities sold.

The present day trading platform is transparent and gives investors prices on a real time basis. Then there are the retail investors and speculators. The market intermediary through whom the depository services can be availed by the investors is called a Depository Participant DP.

Depository System

There are two types of Delivery Instructions forms. It also provides services related to transactions in securities. However, the BSE and NSE have established themselves as the two leading exchanges and account for about 80 per cent of the equity volume traded in India.What is a depository system?

Introduction of Depository system gives way for dematerialization of shares. A Depository is an organization which holds the securities of a shareholder in electronic form at the request of the shareholder.

Overview of Stock market and Stock exchanges in India: By Dr. Vijay Pithadia Assistant Professor & Kidevices Chair Advantages of a depository services: write "surrendered for demat" on the face of the certificate before submitting it for demat) Receive credit for the dematerialized shares into your account within 15 days.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. The depository services originated recently in the Indian Stock market. Now-a- days on-line (scrip less or paperless) trading in the shares of any company is compulsory.

To make it a success some new trading mechanism is needed. Depository service is the. The depository conducts all the services and activities of a custodian, but goes a step ahead in terms of control of assets and liability.

Source: Difference Between Depository and Custodian What is difference between stock broker and Depository Participant in India? Depository system in India In India the need for setting up a depository was realized after the large scale of irregularities in securities transactions of A depository is an organisation which holds securities (like shares, debentures, bonds, government securities, mutual fund units etc.) of investors in electronic form at the request of the investors through a registered Depository Participant.

It also provides services related to transactions in.

Write a note on depository services in india
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