Write an email using cortana

The best part is that your preferences and Interests write an email using cortana already be synced to the PC if you have been using it on any other device.

From the Notebook, click Settings. Cortana has been one of the wittiest personal assistant I have come across and it also manages to get some brownie points on the utilitarian front as well. It is features like emailing, among others like contextual reminders, tracking flights, and updating you on the status of a packagethat give Cortana more of the fell of a personal digital assistant as opposed to a search tool who occasionally remembers what you like to search.

That being said Cortana on PC can do all the tasks its Mobile counterpart does, but additionally it can also help you lookup files, access Microsoft Edge hands free and also integrate with other apps for a truly seamless experience. Next, Cortana will ask you what you want for the subject of the email, followed by what you to say in the body of the email.

Cortana will ask you for the subject and then it will move on and ask you for the content in the body of e-mail. Click the Notebook button to access Cortana notebook, which it uses to keep a tab on your preferences and interests.

In case you need to make some changes anywhere just say Make Changes and Voila! She also automatically adds the subject line Quick Note. Once toggled on, Cortana will respond to your voice but before that it will take you through a short process of read outs just to learn how you speak.

Additionally, Cortana also provides a Continue in [insert default email app] link in this screen to open the message in your default email application.

Send Emails with Cortana

Since desktop or a laptop is the epicenter of our work, we tend to organize our schedule and plan our work for the day on our PC. Thankfully, Microsoft has not merely ported Cortana to Windows 10 PC, but it has made some tweaks so that the digital assistant is tailor-made to suit the PC users requirement.

Apart from all the previously mentioned features, Cortana is able to perform yet another powerful function of composing and sending a new mail. This greatly reduces the amount of time by not taking the process step by step and waiting for prompts from Cortana.

There is more you can do with Cortanathan just search! This guide will show you how to use Cortana to compose, edit and send an email all from within Cortana simply by talking. It is a quick process of reading six statements when prompted so that Cortana learns specifically how you speak.

Cortana will heed to your orders. While certainly handy it does also draw some additional power to be always enabled in the background, which is something to pay attention to if you have Windows 10 on a battery powered device laptop, 2 in 1, tablet.

Try it and see how you like it!Aug 29,  · I have been looking high and low for an answer on how to use Cortana to send emails. It seems like "send email" or "send mail" do Send Emails with Cortana - Windows Central Forums. If you use a nickname like Mom or Dad, Cortana will ask you to select that person in your contacts.

2. Select the contact you want to send the email to. Cortana will prompt you if you there's more than one contact which match the name you spoke or wrote. If there are any parts of the email you'd like to change, select the fields and edit the text. Write & send email using Cortana We would walk you through some of the steps that would enable Cortana to compose, edit and send a email in a jiffy, just by using voice commands.

The entire task pivots on the feature called “Hey Cortana” which would wake up Cortana and let you dictate her a mail. Send emails via "Hey Cortana" For users who have enabled "Hey Cortana", the PDA can be directed to send emails in a single step by just saying out aloud, "Hey Cortana, write an email to [recipient's name], saying [email content]." Cortana, then, should automatically insert "Quick Note" in the subject line of the email.

Jul 09,  · With Windows 10 and Cortana, you can create an email and send it all without typing. After configuring Cortana to respond to voice prompts, you don't have to even click on the Author: Old Guy Geek on Windows.

How to Send an Email With Cortana in Windows 10

To use Cortana’s email feature quickly, you can simply write the entire email with one voice command by saying “Hey Cortana, write an email to [insert person’s name] saying [insert message.

Write an email using cortana
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